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Top Canadian Weather Winners -- The winning city in each of the 72 weather categories. For example, Prince Rupert BC is the wettest city in Canada.

Weather Category City Value
Hottest summer Kamloops BC 26.90°C
Coldest winter Yellowknife NT -28.90°C
Coolest summer Prince Rupert BC 15.70°C
Mildest winter Victoria BC 7.40°C
Coldest spring Yellowknife NT -5.70°C
Coldest year-round Yellowknife NT -4.60°C
Warmest year-round Chilliwack BC 10.50°C
Most freezing days Thompson MB 240 days
Fewest freezing days Vancouver BC 46 days
Most hot days (30°C or above) Kamloops BC 29 days
Most cold days (-20°C or below) Yellowknife NT 110 days
Most hot and cold days Yellowknife NT 111 days
Warmest spring Chilliwack BC 10.20°C
Warmest fall Windsor ON 11.00°C
Wettest city (rain and snow) Prince Rupert BC 2593.60 mm
Driest city Whitehorse YT 267.40 mm
Snowiest city Gander NL 443.10 cm
Lowest snowfall Victoria BC 43.80 cm
Snowiest fall Val-d'Or QC 62.00 cm
Snowiest spring Gander NL 136.20 cm
Snowfall as a % of precipitation Whitehorse YT 54%
Rainiest city Prince Rupert BC 2468.50 mm
Most wet days Prince Rupert BC 240 days
Most very wet days (25 mm or above) Prince Rupert BC 24 days
Most dry days Medicine Hat AB 266 days
Most snow days Val-d'Or QC 104 days
Fewest snow days Victoria BC 10 days
Most heavy snowfall days (10 cm or above) Campbellton NB 13 days
Most huge snowfall days (25 cm or above) Moncton NB 2 days
Longest snow cover season (days) Yellowknife NT 191 days
Most deep snow cover days (10 cm or above) Yellowknife NT 165 days
Greatest average snow depth January 31 Québec QC 57.80 cm
Most freezing rain days Gander NL 39 days
Most blowing snow days Chicoutimi-Jonquière QC 31 days
Most thunderstorm days Windsor ON 33 days
Fewest thunderstorm days Nanaimo BC 2 days
Foggiest city St. John's NL 119 days
Fewest fog days Penticton BC 2 days
Most smoke and haze days Windsor ON 123 days
Sunniest year-round Medicine Hat AB 2512.90 hours
Least sunshine year-round Prince Rupert BC 1229.10 hours
Sunniest winter Calgary AB 366.20 hours
Sunniest summer Yellowknife NT 1034.00 hours
Sunniest spring Yellowknife NT 798.00 hours
Sunniest fall Medicine Hat AB 517.30 hours
Most sunny days year-round Calgary AB 333 days
Fewest sunny days year-round Prince Rupert BC 250 days
Most sunny days in cold months Calgary AB 132 days
Most sunny days in warm months Portage la Prairie MB 149 days
Most heating degree-days Yellowknife NT 8256.00
Most cooling degree-days Windsor ON 421.70
Most growing degree-days Windsor ON 2602.60
Highest average pressure* Hamilton ON 101.71 kPa
Lowest average pressure* Gander NL 101.18 kPa
Greatest average pressure difference* Prince Rupert BC 0.89 kPa
Most hours with low visibility* St. John's NL 764 hours
Clearest skies year-round* Estevan SK 2880 hours
Cloudiest skies year-round* Prince Rupert BC 6146 hours
Most clear skies in summer* Nanaimo BC 797 hours
Windiest city year-round* St. John's NL 23.30 km/h
Lightest winds year-round* Kelowna BC 5.40 km/h
Windiest winter* St. John's NL 26.90 km/h
Windiest summer* St. John's NL 20.60 km/h
Most days with light wind (5 km/h or below)* Kelowna BC 363 days
Most windy days (40 km/h or above)* St. John's NL 127 days
Extreme wind chill* Yellowknife NT -64.00
Most high wind chill days (-30 or below)* Yellowknife NT 101 days
Humidex days 30° or above* Windsor ON 67 days
High humidex days 35° or above* Windsor ON 28 days
Most humid summer city* Windsor ON 1.79 kPa
Driest winter air* Yellowknife NT 0.08 kPa
Driest summer air* Whitehorse YT 0.86 kPa

* Based on 82 cities

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Courtesy of Environment Canada


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