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What a Website Needs

Here are some free ideas....

Is your website working for you?

Many companies, caught in the 'me-too' trap have rushed to get a website up without appearing to have any sort of strategy about how to keep it current and relevant. 

There is more to online marketing than throwing up your company's brochure on the web and crossing your fingers. This is one of the most common complaints that our customers come to Pacific Websites about. They have a great-looking website, either made by a friend cheaply, or made by a "web designer" who knows how to design very well, but knows nothing about website marketing or promotion.

In short, they have an attractive website that no one sees!

The Web is an interactive, dynamic, and rapidly changing new communications medium that your website should reflect. 

Great sites are 

  • well-organized
  • written to make the viewer respond 
  • attractive
  • interactive
  • consistently formatted

Do your ResearchWe can help you with your research to find the most efficient ways to promote your business.
Go out and take a peek at what your competitors have got. Keep an open mind. Spend time surfing the internet and find out what else is possible. Tell your web master what you like and what you don't like. This will help you get what you want, as well as save you money.

Are you Listening? 
What feedback opportunities are there on your site? Emails can tell you a lot about the site's design and about customer satisfaction. This is the direct interface between you and your customer. Many people use the email to get some initial "human" contact.

Write to Sell
To make a website truly effective, it has to be written to show the reader what the benefits are. Everyone comes to your site thinking "What's in it for me?" and you have to tell them, exactly and repeatedly! Show your stuff! Tell them the benefits. Pacific Websites has great information to help you with this.

Optimized for Speed
Is your site optimized for ease of use and, above all, speed? Good web designers will ensure that all graphics are compressed in such a way as to help speed up displaying your pages. Your customers won't necessarily have fast modem access. Your site may look great on a high-speed ADSL, but will be very slow and cause frustration to those users who still use old 28K modems.

Search Engines
There are tricks in getting yourself registered on search engines. Links FROM other websites is a major consideration for both people finding your site and for "search engine friendliness." Make sure your site's meta tags are set up to ensure that search engines list you correctly. Meta tags are hidden keywords and descriptions in the background HTML which say what your site is about and also allow for a list of keywords. Pacific Websites knows the correct methods to get high listings on search engines and directories.
Our Examples

This page you are reading comes up # 5 out of 3 million on Google for "What does a website need" (April, 2006)

Customer Satisfaction
On an e-commerce website, it is essential to ensure that you have your back-end systems in place to meet customer demand. Don't offer more than you can deliver - the best-looking website will fail if goods aren't delivered in good order and on time.
Make easy contact with your customers. Customers use the internet for greater ease of use than going to shops or mail order. They want to access details about what they're buying, see photos of products, and get through to the checkout. Is your site easy to use? Enquire here

Keep in Touch 
The internet makes it easy to keep in touch with customers. Use email to let them know what's going on and build on the loyalty you have established. But be careful, don't over do it, or you'll alienate them and be accused of spamming! Judicious use of email can alert them to new products and services you offer, and make for ongoing sales. 

Your web site should be used as an effective marketing tool - to get your message across and persuade your customers to take immediate action. A visitor's impression of your site, their ease of navigation and ability to search for what they want effortlessly and efficiently inevitably translates to a set of impressions that shape how the rest of your business is perceived by the online world.

There is a BIG difference between a "web design" and a "web business".

Do you want a website or do you want a business? RUN AWAY if your web designer:

  • Does not ask you about your business
  • Does not ask you any questions about your Search Engine Marketing and Optimization programs
  • Begins the new design without discussing with you the goal of your website
  • Begins the new design without discussing with you who your target audience is
  • Puts visual impact ahead of the usability of the web site
  • Recommends a Splash entry page (Search Engines cannot normally ‘see’ Splash pages. This is a dated feature that tends to put off site visitors – who will often simply leave the page (and the website) before it has had a chance to load)
  • Recommends your entire site be in Flash (Search Engines cannot ‘see’ Flash pages)
  • Recommends putting your site in Frames (Search Engines have great difficulty ‘seeing’ Frames pages – there are workarounds for using Frames but they are a costly retro-fit. A good designer will recommend using tables rather than Frames if you have your heart set on a Frames look)
  • Does not realize that the <title>, <meta name="description">, and <meta name="keywords"> tags should be different on every page

If you are using the services of a professional Search Engine Marketing company, please ensure that your web designer follows their recommendations. If you are not using a Search Engine Marketing company, speak with your designers and make sure they understand:

  • How to optimize a website for Search Engines,
  • How to design a website that will be user friendly for your target customers, and
  • What you want to achieve with your website.

Contact us for an assessment your current site. We can improve your company's visibility and profitability.

Here are some of our recent designs.


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