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Do you want TOP LISTINGS in the major Search Engines? has produced excellent results for other web sites, and can do the same for your site!

Website Maintenance, a generic but profitable phrase for our industry, has Pacific Websites listed on Google recently as number 3! Click on the image to the right for an enlarged view of the "screenshot" from Google's actual page.

Promotion Website - Google lists Pacific Websites recently as a number 5 listing for the term 'promotion website'. See the screenshot on the right for a enlarged photo of the listing.

Wholesale Hats, a very generic (and profitable) term recently came up right near the top on Google. Their website promotion was all done by Pacific Websites.

Look at the advertisements on the right-hand side of the results page - there are an astonishing number - 32 competitors that are paying each time someone clicks on their ad. Our client,, is listed in the 'organic" side of the search results - if someone clicks on their listing, they are not charged a penny. This is a big savings for the website owner.

Click to see #2 top listing on search engine GoogleCheck out Pacific Websites own #2 listing on Google recently for the term website maintenance out of 4.9 million. Now that's a very top listing in the search engines! (click on the screen shot to the right)

August, 2002 through to April, 2010- Pacific Websites hovers around #2 on AltaVista for "web site maintenance" (over 4 million results!)
Results on AltaVista are known to vary, but we will be there near the top! If you found us there, it shows you that we know how to get top listings! Call us to work with your site! In some cases, the other website promoters have duplicated our site to such an extent that all the top listings results look like ours. Getting the top listings in the search engines is an ongoing effort. Note: we are now to busy to keep our top listings, and don't need to - that's success! We now limit taking some new clients. Call us today to get your site working for you.


  Top listing on Google Search Engine:

Top listing on Google for
promotion website:

Pacific Websites' latest Search Engines Optimisation Results:

Top-3 listing on Google for our client's website for the very general, very competitive term wholesale hats!

Click to see the "Top-3" listings on Google for 'wholesale hats'



How about "skin rashes", a general term that gets hundreds and hundreds of searches/day - we created and optimised a great, informative page for a client. It became number one on the big three search engines - Yahoo, MSN, and Google. It also became the #1 access page to their entire site. That page had a top listing, number 1, for 2 years, now it has slightly dropped to #4 spot (December, 2009) - but still produces lots of business! You can see it as one of the top numbers here (look for

Call us now to work with your site! We work serious business.

click to see proof that this page gets number 2 listing in the search engine Google.Why you are reading this page: This page you are now reading used to come up on # 2 at Google for - you guessed it! - "top listing in the search engines". Here's proof: top listings picture. The listing has dropped to # 8 recently. We are now just to busy to keep our top listings, and don't need to - that's success! Call us today to get your site working for you.

Read our latest success story - Another Client is Number 1 on Google and Yahoo!

Click to see larger view of high traffic - to 470 visitors in one day1April, 2009 - Another successfully promoted site- over 100,000 ready-to-buy visitors have already come... see graph to right...

Ongoing promotion produces these top listings for one of our clients - the search engines just love this website!

February, 2010 - after doing an overhaul with the intent of increasing the website listings on the search engines, we find that these results show the great listings on the three big search engines - Google, MSN, and Yahoo. See top listings on search engines. and also this search engine report.

May, 2009: Just for fun ( !!! ) we thought we would try to get a top listing for "diving in the Comox Valley" and made up a web page. Within one month, our new web page showed up as number one on Google, MSN and Yahoo. We do this for fun! Click to enlarge images to see results:

May, 2009: Another success! is...
#1, #2, #3, # 4, and is referred to on # 5, # 6, # 7, and # 32!


How about "Dayton wire wheels" - we had a friend who had some used car wheels he wanted to sell, so we created and optimized a web page for him. Someone in a nearby city found the site, drove to our town and bought them. Since then, we have "monetized" the page by putting Google Adwords on it - and we receive regular Google checks (real money) for the top listing! There are many ways to make your website pay - call us today to discuss some options. Check it out by clicking on these images:

Contact us to put your site at the top.

How can you get thousands of visitors to your site?

  1. Create great content. People on the internet want information.
  2. Optimize your site for the Search Engines.  "Optimization" is the art of fixing your website so that it will please both the algorithms of the search engines and the human editors of the directories.
  3. Pay-Per-Placement. Some Search Engines such as Go-to and Dogpile accept payment of $.01 and up per hit to place your site above others in their listings. Higher bidder gets higher listings gets more hits. There are secret ways that get better results. Organic or paid listings - which is cheaper?
  4. Links. By reciprocal linking your site to other similar or related websites, you increase the chance of someone finding you. Also, some search engines favour well-linked sites.
  5. Advertise. Put your web site address everywhere  - such as letterheads, regular advertising, return addresses,  pens, car doors, bookmarks...Be creative!
  6. Contact us today and we will get your site similar high listings on the Search Engines.

For those that want to try getting top listings in search engines on their own, the most popular (because it is considered the best) product to use used to be WebPosition Gold.

However, they now have some serious competition, IBP. We will leave it up to you to compare them and use what works best for you. Both have a free trial version. Both will help get those top listings! Or you can contact us and we can do it for you, so you don't have to learn another program and all the tricks that make it easier and faster.

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Far back in 2001, we produced excellent results for the Comox Valley Harbour Authority web site: (for a marina on Vancouver Island, British Columbia). From there we have kept up with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and have many satisfied customers (testimonials).

Using Search Engine friendly techniques, made this site have TOP LISTINGS  in all of the most important Search Engines such as Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, MSN, AOL, and many others.

These past results speak for themselves: Results as of 10/2008 and since then, have changed significantly or may vary. We have been helping our clients obtain top listings in the search engines for years, and keep up with the technology, innovation, and knowledge to produce great results. Contact us today to find out how we help businesses like yours to make more.

If you searched using these keywords: On this Search Engine: Results would be:
Vancouver Island marinas    
  AltaVista #2, #3, #10
  MSN #1
(click on any link to see the actual results) HotBot/Lycos #1
  AOL #4
  Google #2
Moorage in BC Yahoo! #2
  AltaVista #5, #8, #9
  MSN #2
  Hotbot/Lycos #12
  Netscape #1
  Google #11
British Columbia marinas Yahoo! #3
(We can get your site top listings, too) AltaVista #9, #10
  MSN #5, #10
  Hotbot/Lycos #6
  AOL #13
  Google #10
Comox Valley history    
  AltaVista #1, #2
  MSN #2, #3
  HotBot/Lycos #2
Back to Top  Note: Results at 10/2001 AOL #1
  Google #1, #2
Pacific Websites has been working with getting clients top listings in the search engines for years. We know the tricks and we do it ethically. No hidden doorway pages. We keep up with the latest search engine news. Contact us today and see how we can help you get those top listings on the search engines. Listings Proof.

Click to put this website in your Favourites - Pacific Web Sites - all about Web site promotion, maintenance, and creation.

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