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Web sites we have worked with:
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Please note, this web page contains only a few of the websites we have worked with.
It is not kept as up-to-date as the Text only page

Crosswinds Charters
Tartan Lady B & B
Merville Station
Comox Valley Harbour Authority
Tiderip Tours

Skin Rashes
Casson B & B
Comox Valley Exhibition
Beauty Mud
Head Injury Society


futspa         #1 listing!       Our News
  1. Rewrote to make Search Engine friendly
  2. Research to find what keywords are used the most regarding the client's products. Based on this research, we wrote the home page all about the keyword. What is the keyword with so much punch? "toenail fungus" !
  3. Supplied purchase forms for FAX and  mail-in.
  4. Designed pop-ups for ingredient lists.
  5. This site gets 16-and-climbing visits a day and orders have started to come in. The first online orders in 3 years!
  6. FLASH! March: 300 visitors/day and climbing!
  7. FLASH! April: 380 visitors/day and still climbing!
  8. FLASH! May: 510 visitors/day and still climbing!
  9. Added secure payment method so sales increased.
  10. We can help your site to have top listings in search engines and directories too.
futspa - a popular web site about foot and skin care products.



Crosswinds Sailing Charters
#4 listing on Google for "vancouver sailing charters"
  1. Reviewed web site (FREE!) to recommend what was needed to make the site more effective
  2. Rewrote entire site to make information clearer and easier to navigate.
  3. Scanned new photographs, optimized for web. Result: faster loading pages.
  4. Added testimonials for believability.
  5. Optimized pages so it will be found on search engines.
  6. Found less expensive host (saving: about $120 a year).
  7. Made email address on website spam-proof.
  8. Your website can benefit from similar improvements. 
    Call today!
Sailing Cruises and vacations Vancouver Island , British Columbia, on the Tall Ship Providence.
Tartan Lady - Estuary B & B    Top listings in Google
  1. Gave free web site review - found only 2 links TO site and search results quite poor.
  2. Reduced image byte sizes so pages loads faster - one page from 46 seconds down to 12 seconds, even after adding more information!
  3. Researched keywords to find niche for their product, Scottish tartan weaving lessons in a Bed and Breakfast.
  4. Rewrote site to add more information and keywords.
  5. Scanned, cropped, and added pictures.
  6. New pages are Links, Samples, Testimonials, and an online Map.
  7. Embedded visitors' comments throughout site (adds to believability).
  8. "Tell a friend" added to help spread the word.
  9. Added tracker to view visitors stats - they'll be coming!
  10. Optimized web pages before submitting to Search Engines and Directories.
  11. Contacted other websites for much-needed reciprocal linking.


  Click to view larger image - Estuary House B and B





Web sites need to be:

  • Easy to navigate - viewers have to find your information, fast.
  • Attractive - your site has to have at least the basics: images and text (pictures and information).

  • Seen - let the search engines find your site by correct optimization.

Merville Station
A request for a web site to be made quickly
was delivered on time.
  1. Domain name registration obtained for $32 US for 2 years (the economical way to advertise!)
  2. Site hosting located for about $62 US/year
  3. Pictures, supplied by the owners, were scanned, and optimized.
  4. Research was done to find an old (1986) picture of the caboose, and permission was obtained for its use.
  5. Logo designed.
  6. Local knowledge was used to write the text.
  7. Free "tracker" found and installed.
  8. NOTE: This website has not been optimized for the search engines.



Comox Valley Harbour Authority
This site was previously created, so we made improvements to it in numerous ways. The intention was to get more transient visitors to use the marina. Moorage increased almost double in the summer 2001! A real success story.
  1. Rewrote the text to provide more solid information while making the Search Engines happy
  2. Entered META TAGS into the background HTML 
  3. Supplied more pictures to make the site more interesting, as well as "tagging" them to make the Search Engines happier still.
  4. Optimized all the images so that the loading times were greatly reduced
  5. Added trackers to find out how many visitors were finding the web site, and where exactly they came from
  6. Added lots and lots of links to other sites
  7. Asked and obtained links FROM other sites
Comox Valley Harbour Authority web site helps boaters find moorage on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Tiderip Grizzly Bear Tours
This web site is another success story with a grizzly bear tour company. They have visitors from Europe, USA, Asia, etc., and have a steady 65 visitors/day (spring, 2002) (as opposed to the often misleading term "hits"). We have been a major consultant on how to increase site visitors.
More sites we have worked with....

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