1. Website Maintenance

  2. Website Maintenance with Promotion

1. Website Maintenance:

Do you need any of the following changes to your site?

  • Product changes
  • Product additions
  • Pricing changes
  • Updates to your calendar
  • Home page changes
  • Content changes
  • Specials or sales
  • Forums and news groups
  • Adding or maintaining links
  • Site "makeovers"
  • Employee changes
  • Company news updates
  • Registration updates with search engines
Website maintenance and how it affects you. It is often thought that companies can save money by having their own staff make modifications to the website. This is in error: Professional website managers perform this task better. We do this every day.

We have seen this happen with a "simple" website that we designed for one of our clients. The staff took over upgrading and within 2 months the site had broken links and the navigation structure was in shambles. The "saving" was definitely lost in the appearance of the site.

Websites can be unintentionally damaged by incompetent "upgrading". Links can be broken or lost, files exposed or deleted. Our Website Maintenance Plan protects your investment. We can watch over your site on an ongoing basis.

There are side benefits for our website maintenance program:

  1. If you feel your site needs a 'makeover' we can help you get a new look, while keeping the desirable elements that support 'natural' promotion. We maintain websites that get over 1,000 unique visitors in a day, and it was because of our efforts that this happens - year after year!
  2. We can also provide user information such as how many visitors your site has, and what they look at while visiting. This allows you to make decisions about both website content and navigation elements. We are here to guide you.
  3. Your website is kept up-to-date. Content editing can be accomplished with updated information. Just email the information or pictures and we will upload it, quickly, with a trained eye to the overall appearance and continual promotion of your site.
  4. We manage your site. Using newest technologies, we can monitor your site and make changes that improve your site's performance. We can insure that all features are functional and that your website is doing its job.

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    , quickly and easily.

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2. Website Maintenance with Promotion:

"Build it and they will come"

This quote from the movie "Field of Dreams" may be applicable to baseball fields, but definitely does NOT apply to websites! A more appropriate slogan would be

"Promote it and they will really come"

Why have a professional web master do maintenance and promotion of your website?

  1. A website that appears to be current is more appealing to visitors, especially repeat ones.
  2. If you want a minor change done to your site, your dedicated webmaster can do it quickly and expediently. Often, a small change will only take 10 minutes.
  3.  The webmaster who is promoting other websites will notice, in his browsing on the Internet, other sites that will be a perfect linking match for yours. Linking to those other sites is a key way to
    • attract new visitors
    • keep traffic coming back because your site is a valuable resource
    • keep search engine and directories satisfied that your site is important, which means higher listings when someone looks for your service or products.

    If he is already adding another site to a new directory, for instance, it is an easy matter to add your listing at the same time. Your cost will be minimal. Pacific Websites does this on a continual basis.

  4. Using the same webmaster who has become familiar with your business and your website makes it easier and therefore quicker for him to do upgrades.
  5. Handling requests for appropriate reciprocal links and ensuring Guest books are kept clean takes time and resources. It's all part of good website maintenance.
  6. A good webmaster will keep up on the latest marketing news, taking courses to keep himself informed, subscribing to several marketing newsletters, and watching your site for errors. By being involved like this, he will be able to spot new opportunities and possibilities for your site's benefit. 
  7. You can have peace of mind: "I have a professional looking after that". Having a dedicated webmaster will make your life simpler and more relaxed, knowing that your website is being constantly promoted and watched over.
  8. Save yourself time for the things you do well. Doing website maintenance and promotion takes time. Learning how to do it can be a real challenge. We have done the steep learning curves, gone through the mistakes, and come out as professionals who know how to promote and maintain websites in a cost-efficient way.
  9. Add to your profits: compared to other media for promotion, the Internet is inexpensive. Your website will be up and running 24 hours a day, week after week, month after month, with an audience of millions all around the world.
  10. With a quick phone call or email, minor changes can be carried out usually on the same day. You can easily contact Pacific Websites directly from the bottom of your website. No searching for our phone number or address. We are always handy!

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Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance/Promotion

  *Priority Plus Service... We charge by the hour. Contract work receives highest priority, which means fastest service.

Minimum charge 0.5 hour/month

Monthly Service
Priority Plus* Service
up to 1.5 hours/month

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