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Your Domain Name is Your Internet Address

Your domain name should not necessarily have your company name in it, but it should reflect what your service or product is. This way, your site will be easier to find through the search engines. Unless, of course, you are Coca-cola or Microsoft!

Not having a domain name is like not having an address - without an address, customers can't find you! When you get your very own domain name, you can tell it to people easily, they can remember it easily, and they will think more highly of your company.

Which of the following looks better and would be easier to remember:  


Picture yourself talking on the telephone trying to tell someone what your internet address is. How can you tell someone what a "~" is when you can't even find it on the keyboard?!! (It's called a "tilde" and it is on the upper left!)

Notice that we have included "websites" in our domain name ( It reflects what we work with.

Another important consideration is to use a ".com" name if possible. It is the most common extension used by businesses around the world and signifies that you are serious about your Internet presence. If you live in Canada, you can get a ".ca" for an ending, but preference for your professional image is the ".com" ending. Every single word in the English dictionary is now taken, so a phrase is the next choice. There are 70,000 new domain names created every day.

You can reserve your web address today and receive FREE domain parking service while you build your web site.

It's also vital to keep your domain registration up to date. Pacific Web Sites can help you extend your domain registration for up to 10 years and save you money in the process. Depending on the renewal term, it can cost as little as US$9.00 a year. And with your domain name safely locked up from your competitors, you can focus on other important things, like maximizing your Website's potential.

At these low prices for domain names, we also recommend securing similar domain names such as .ca, and .net.

Hosting your website through Pacific Websites has another benefit!

Instead of entering on their browser someone enters (without the "www"), they still will get to your site! (In this case, our site!)

There are many "tricks" like this that we know about to make your site highly visible and an effective sales machine.   

For some more ideas about choosing a GREAT domain name, here is a presentation by Bob Parsons, president of, the big domain name registrar. Click on the PLAY button below to watch and listen.

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Before starting to name your website, consider the following:

"The most powerful way to design a web site is to take the Search Engines into consideration at the outset. The very first step in optimizing site design to score highly with the Search Engines, is to intelligently choose which keywords and keyphrases upon which to focus.

To pick keywords, I once used  a complicated and time-consuming strategy that was part research and part guesswork. Even after going through this process, I still wasn't sure if the keywords I had chosen would actually generate traffic. (Spending a ton of time and energy to get "top 10" positioning for a low-volume keyword is a waste of my time.)

Well, I'm happy to report that since subscribing to Wordtracker , I've been able to throw 90% of my previous strategy out the window. The Wordtracker reports provide me with the irrefutable data I need to make great keyword choices every time.

I now use Wordtracker as the very first step in creating a new web site--even before choosing the domain name. Congratulations on creating an essential new service and I wish you much success."

Kirk VandenBerghe
HeartCore Corporation

 A great service is provided by the folks at . They catalogue search activity at the major engines, and then make available those numbers to the general public. You simply type in a word or phrase related to your site's theme, and Wordtrackers shows you the number of times that entry is being searched at the major search engines. The service will also give you a list of related terms, so you can look for other important search words to target.

Pacific Web Sites uses Wordtracker to optimize web site names and pages. Try out a free version yourself, or contact us to do it for you.


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